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About us

Treating your supply chain like our family

The trucking industry is one of the most important industries in America. it helps to keep economy moving by transporting goods and materials from one place to another. Without trucking, businesses would not be able to function properly and the flow of goods would come to a standstill.

Trucking is an essential part of the supply chain and plays a vital role in keeping businesses stocked with the products they need.

Without trucking America would grind to a halt.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, JT Freight Inc. offers transportation services across the United States.

No matter which types of goods or which point of destination – with JT Freight Inc., your goods are safely, swiftly and reliably transported “on the road”. With customized solutions in the area of Full and Less Than Full Truck Loads, you receive the perfect-fit package for your requirements.

Our experts always find the best possible, most cost-effective solution. An essential asset in this regard: our state-of-the-art vehicle fleet with more than 200 vehicles as well as our numerous certified transport partners! 

Thanks to our specialization in various industries and regions, you benefit from booked lead times with our JT Freight Inc. Services. That’s how we can offer our customers perfectly customized solutions as well as seamless transparency along the entire transport chain. 

Why Choose Us

Straight to the destination.

Customised FTL and LTL solutions tailored to your requirements? Our experienced and competent employees ensure smooth processes with their in-depth regional and industry knowledge. We find the most economical route for your goods and enable a professional handling. Always at the center of all efforts: highest quality and reliability. 

Standard FTL or efficient LTL – with our JTFreightInc   your goods arrive safely and on-time at their America-wide destinations. We also provide suitable solutions for more complex transport logistics requirements.


One of the newest and most advanced truck fleets in US


Tested, reliable subcontractors and transport partners


Standardised processes


High-performance IT systems

Taking your goods anywhere you can imagine.

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